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    About Us

    Active in the diamond industry since 1982, JewelWeSell is a foremost jewelry manufacturer established in the heart of the renowned diamond district of the empire city, NYC. In the past, we have had the wonderful opportunity to do business with numerous leading retailers from all around the world. Our over 25 years of experience in manufacturing and wholesale of diamond jewelry and vast knowledge of the entire jewelry process and consumer experience has aided us in creating an extensive and constantly expanding line of diamond and color stone jewelry. As times are changing, we constantly look for better and more innovative ways to bring our services and vast array of merchandise to our costumers. The ever-growing online market has presented us with just that. Selling online enables us to directly sell to consumers at wholesale prices, as there is no middleman. Concurrently, we can also guarantee that all our products are of a higher quality, considering that they are crafted by the hands of numerous experts. We try to make sure to treat our customers much like the diamonds and jewelry we sell- with paramount care, precision, and respect. In addition, all the gems we sell are certified conflict-free by DeBeers. The customer is always our priority and we'll do everything within our ability to satisfy you.